Spaze Apotel 1. 100% Power Backup with 24 Hours Security 2. Jogging track and play courts for tennis, basketballs, etc 3. Over 75% area covered with landscaped gardens 4. High Rises with beautiful external lighting in the evening 5. All office facing inwards, giving lovely view of the greens 6. Intelligent home access control system in all office

Spaze Apotel

Square Feet
92.30 - 2.10 Cr INR
Dec. 2017
Car Parking

Spaze Apotel is located in Sector 47, Gurgaon in the state of Haryana, In North INDIA. Apotel literally means Apartment + Hotel, as the unique name states it is the best possible comination of the features and benefits of a home and a hotel. On the other hand, these are super luxury serviced apartments that means they are homes with the convenience and comforts of a luxury hotel. Spaze Apotel comes with 1-2 Bedrooms, 641 - 1457 Square Feet, 1-2 baths and 1 car parking facilities.

We provide immense satisfaction to our esteemed customers who rightly decide to invest in Spaze Apotel with your hard earned money with much dedication and commitment. With extremely spacious homes, office and a premises with full of amenities for adults and kids alike, we are the perfect stop for you to get all your requirements, needs, desires and dreams fulfilled with a lot of perfection. You can visit our official website and successfully download the brochure and go through the significant information and other details. Our photo gallery will provide you good trip and insight of the living and professional space of Spaze Apotel. We stand with you from the process of documentation to occupancy in a satisfactory manner. We understand your pulse related to comfortable and peaceful lifestyle. We provide all those modern amenities that meet your needs and requirements.

Spaze Apotel Payment Plans


Size (Sq. Ft.)

Price/Per Sq. Ft.

Serviced Apartment 641 14,400 Rs.
Serviced Apartment 1,166 14,400 Rs.
Serviced Apartment 1,457 14,400 Rs.
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