Central Park Flower Valley

A premier global township of lush greenery, exquisite flora and water bodies, gives you a touch of spring throughout the year. Though the whole township is located amidst this treasure trove of nature with 9,000 trees and multiple flower lanes, tucked just mintues away from the stress of the city. Central Park Flower Valley boasts of all king-size luxuries and amentities, nestled right within.

walk through Central Park Flower Valley is a never ending fairyale. Well, can you expect any less in such a vast expanse of tropical beauty?

If Central Park Flower Valley is the ring, then the 5 unique properties are the diamonds that truly defines its class. Choose from gorgeous Fleur Villas; Lake Front Towers; The Room; Independent Air-conditioned Floors; & Plots, for those who always wanted to tell a story of their own. At Central Park Flower Valley, you get to select your fairytale and live happily ever after.

Central Park 3 Fleur Villas

South of Gurgaon

As you walk further into this tropical beauty you will reach the Fleur Villas. Grand and Luxurious Fleur Villas come with the postcard perfect backdrop of flowers, world-class amenities, uber-stylish designs and a wealth of space that define the Villa Life.



Central Park 3 Lake Front Towers

South of Gurgaon

Want to live the high-life? Then Central Park Flower Valley gives you Lake Front Towers. Spacious, high-end, lake-facing towers that give you the option of customizing your home or living in apartments with ultra-luxurious speacifitcations.

Central Park 3 Cerise Floors

South of Gurgaon

In the middle of the busy town of Gurgaon, this is an excellent choice of housing. The Central Park Flower Valley Floors are based on the Floors of this township.



Central Park 3 The Rooms

South of Gurgaon

There's room for everyone at Flower Valley as Central Park's runway success property - The Room gets a plush makeover here. Beautiful, air-conditioned, single & double suites with copious doses of nature that you need to lead a balanced and healthy life.

Central Park 3 Mikasa Plots

South of Gurgaon

For those who like to weave a story of their own, Central Park Flower Valley has the Plots. Whether it's a romantic single, modren duplex, a grand mansion or a quirky cottage surrounded by beautiful greens and water bodies, choose to tell your story, your way here.