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The world is shrinking and markets are expanding. Today, more than ever, economies, sectors and businesses are interlinked and yet, local factors that influence markets are more potent than ever before.

In such a scenario, property transactions can be tricky. This is when you feel the need for an expert who is rooted in the local milieu, one who understands the pulse of the home market. And someone who also has the big picture in mind, and the perspective of the global.

A property market like Gurgaon comes with its own set of challenges, especially for those unfamiliar with it. Being a global economic hub and gateway between East and West, it is a dynamic and cosmopolitan emirate that enjoys some of the world’s lowest tax rates. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a business friendly environment, it is also the go-to place for trade in the Middle East.

Buying, selling or leasing in the Gurgaon property market needs a trusted ally by your side. Negotiating the several processes, not to mention the nuances of the market, takes some learning. At SetRite Realtors, we can handhold you through the various milestones. From expressing interest to closing the deal, we help you make the right decisions at every stage.


We put our extensive expertise and entire machinery behind the effort to sell your property. We can also suggest the appropriate price for it using Cumulative Market Analysis (CMA) and prevailing market prices.


Identifying the right kind of buyers is an important factor in effecting a successful sale. It requires a special set of skills that can be developed only through experience. We qualify buyers by matching their real estate needs to their financial capabilities, and relate it to the property up for sale. Only when all parameters are met and all the boxes ticked can the deal be closed.


Finally it is about people. You may be dealing in a property that is multiple floors high, but its deal has to be worked out at ground level – keeping in mind a series of practical considerations. You may be aware of some of these, and be unaware of the rest. But every Agent at SetRite Realtors will know every single point that needs to be kept in mind. They are trained to look into the smallest detail, to pick holes in arguments (and agreements), and to work solely in your interest.